Satisfying the desire and demand to possess a bright and white smile is the final objective. A shining smile not only presents a healthy and beautiful look, but also increases one’s interest in oral hygiene care and health. This gives patients more social self-confidence.

One of the most valuable privileges of a dentist is making contributions to such a smile.

Tooth whitening procedure is actually a very conservative and economical treatment that can have an advantage for both the patient and the dentist.

The ‘take home’ bleaching, is the most frequently used bleaching method since it is easy to be carried out and it is not so expensive for the patient. Whitening materials are used in a gel form, placed onto the tooth surface by a custom-made, vacuum formed, plastic bleaching tray.

Current bleaching products are peroxide-based whitening materials. Prolonged exposure of the tooth surface to these materials can lead to temporary pain or sensitivity to cold or pressure. These effects can be diminished by decreasing over time. The newly developed Novon®, the patented active ingredient in White Dental Beauty gels gives an unsurpassed accelerated bleaching action which is save, effective and kind to the teeth (NO sensitivity at all).

Cases by Angie Segatto DDS
Segatto Dent’art Studio